Our Pastor

Rev. Roland Brown

Rev. Roland Brown, a native of Baltimore City, contributes the events in his life to God's Divine Providence. Through the vicissitudes of life, God has led and prepared him for ministry. He attributes Romans 8:31 as the biblical text for his life's journey. Like Paul, he declares, “What then shall we say to these things? If God be for us who can be against us?”

While the word states, “We bring nothing into this world,” Rev. Brown was blessed to come into this world with his twin brother, on May 4, 1958. He was born the last of five children in Perkins Home, a housing project of Baltimore, MD. He was raised by his mother, a woman who fervently believed in the power of prayer. In 1980, he married his high school sweetheart, Phyllis Ardel Taliaferro. They are blessed with two children, Jarreau Rashaad Brown (Tineria) and Jacquelyn Élan Brown Taylor (Terrell) and five grandchildren.

Rev. Brown’s first experience with an organized church was with the Lutheran denomination. St. Augustine Lutheran Church reached out to the community, and his mother made sure they reached back. At the age of eleven, Rev. Brown moved to Northwood Community, a new neighborhood which took him away from his beloved St. Augustine Lutheran Church. His mother began attending the St. Paul Baptist Church, and he followed. The Baptist service was radically different from the Lutheran service.

In 1995, Rev. Brown was directed by the Lord to New Shiloh Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Dr. Harold A. Carter, Sr. At the feet of this man, who preached under the anointing power of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Brown witnessed the transforming power of the preached word and bore witness to the power of prayer. Through this ministry, he found comfort and power in daily prayer. He also found the key to victorious living when he learned to pray.

Later that year, his faith was tested when his brother Ervin and his wife were killed on December 31. Devastated, he spent the next day prostrate before the Lord. He took his anger to the only One who could ease his pain. He wept before the Lord until he got an answer. One morning while in prayer, the Lord responded to his anger. The Lord spoke “When you can forgive, I will use you.” How could he forgive those who murdered his brother? How could he forgive those who took away the one person who was always there for him?

The Spirit said, “Look up.” His answer was before him: he looked up and saw the vision of Jesus on the Cross. If God could forgive (because Jesus asked his Father to forgive) those who crucified his Son, he realized he could forgive those who had harmed him. The Lord revealed that his life had always been directed by the Lord. All that he had been through and all that he was going through was done for God’s purpose.

Rev. Brown was being transformed; he had moved from being a worshiper to being born again. He felt the Holy Spirit like he had never felt before. His life now had real meaning and purpose; he learned to love with the love he saw on the cross. He sought more knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ. Having been called to preach the word of God, he was licensed and ordained at New Shiloh Baptist Church under Rev. Dr. Harold A. Carter, Sr. and Rev. Harold A. Carter, Jr. With a passion and desire to learn more about the Lord, he studied at The Determined Theological and Biblical Institute at NSBC and Family Bible College in Baltimore where he obtained his Bachelor of Theology degree. In 2007, he earned his Master of Divinity degree from Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, PA.

Today, Rev. Brown marvels at his life’s journey. His faith walk continues to be a work in progress. He knows that trusting in the Lord is the only way he will make it on this journey. He is overjoyed with the opportunity to grow in the things of God and can only explain his life's journey by declaring, “What then shall we say to these things? If God be for us who can be against us?”