Our Staff

Ministers Council

We declare with the aid of the Holy spirit to honor God through reverence to Him, through praise to Him, through love to Him and mankind.  We support our Pastor in his ministry as he is led by the Holy Spirit.  Being faithful to our calling, we will use our God-given gifts in edifying the Body of Christ.  When opportunities can be seized, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the principles of God's Holy Word will be shared with all people.

Reverend James Pierce, Chairperson     Reverend Anthony Lovett, Vice Chairperson

Missionary Ministry

We strive to serve our community with food products and to encourage a coming to Christ. We uplift the infirmed with visits and supplies.  We pray for a closer relationship with one another and our community as we work towards always serving God.

Our Food Giveaway dates are Saturdays at 9:00 am:                                                                        March 17, May 19, July 21, Sept. 15, Nov. 17, Dec. 15 (tentative date)

Missionary Ministry Anniversary  Oct. 21 

Sister Edna Poney, Chairperson            Deaconess Janet Jenkins, Vice Chairperson 

Sunday School Ministry

We help each individual who comes to Sunday School to understand what the Word of God is saying to each of us as we read His Word from our class books.

Every Sunday at 9:30 am

Sister Frances Shorter, Primary Teacher                                                                                       Sister Tyvon Horsey, Middle & High Teacher                                                                           Minister James Pierce, Men's Teacher                                                                                             Sister Letitia Hopkins, Senior I Teacher                                                                                             Sister Alice Blake, Senior II Teacher

Youth Ministry

We teach, empower and nurture our youth into spiritually conscious individuals who live according to the Word of God.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Mar. 31; Arts & Crafts to benefit local nursing homes, May 12; Back-to-school Backpack & Supplies Drive, Aug. 1-12; Fall Festival, Oct. 27; Christmas Bazaar,       Dec. 15

Sister Letitia Hopkins, Chairperson      Sister Tyvon Horsey, Co-chairperson                                                     Sister TaCha' Jenkins, Secretary

Music Ministry

We minister songs of praise to uplift our own congregation and those in our community.  

Minister sharon Truxon, Directress      Minister Anthony Lovett, Asst. Director             Brother James Jenkins, President        Sister Michelle Skinner, Chaplain                                                              Sister Ta Cha' Jenkins, Secretary

Praise & Worship Ministry

We bless the Lord with expressions of gratitude, honor and adoration while seeking the Holy Spirit as a presence in the Sanctuary where souls can be ignited by the fire of the Lord.

Brother Leroy 'Spanky' Potter, Chairperson                                                                               Sister Dyshekia Strawberry, Corresponding Secretary 

Mindful Praise Dance Ministry

We will make our focus for 2018 training the youth and practicing and dancing on a regular basis throughout the year.

Sister Ta Cha' Jenkins, Chairperson 

Women's Ministry

We are a group of women empowered by the Word of Jesus Christ to serve in our homes, church and communities.  All women 18 years and older in Union Baptist Church are members of the Women's Ministry.

Thank God for what you have, Trust God for what you need.

Sister Lorraine Gould, Chairperson       Sister Jeannine Moaney, Vice Chairperson   Sister Ta Cha' Jenkins, Secretary           Deaconess Janet Jenkins, Sunshine Lady